Voca Quilting Club/Kraus Designs
Voca Quilt Show benefiting Bluebonnet Casa
April 17, 2010
On April 17th 2010 the Voca Quilt Club hosted a people's choice quilt show with ALL proceeds going
to benifit the Bluebonnet CASA organization.  
We received 56 entries in categories including hand quilting, machine quilting, applique, antique and
wall hangings.
Below are the quilts entered followed by winning entries and quilter where possible.  
Please note, I have left the picture files in their original size, they will take a bit to load when clicked on.
Winning Entries!
Hand Quilted
1st place Mary Smith                2nd place Beverly Baker           3rd place  Dixie Feuerbacher
Machine Quilted
1st Suzanne Bjork         2nd Sherry Bentson       3rd Carolyn Biggs
1st place Annette Deans       2nd place
Dixie Feuerbacher          3rd place  Bobbye Frazier
1st place Shirley Shumate 2nd place Lois Patton 3rd place tie Shirlene Miller and Lee Anne
Wall Hanging
1st place  
Dixie Feuerbacher   2nd place  Carmen Adams-Kraus   3rd place  Beverly Baker